Sexual Assault Charge

A Teaneck man was recently served with a new sexual assault charge. The man was being held on violating terms of his release. The Teaneck man was charged last year with aggravated sexual assault. The new and old sexual assault charges all stem from allegations that he sexually assaulted a [...]

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Robbery Charge in Paramus

A robbery charge will likely be brought against a man who allegedly robbed a bank in Paramus. The bank, Citibank, was robbed by a heavy set African-American man. It is unknown how much money he allegedly took. The suspect allegedly then took off on foot. This all occurred on Friday, [...]

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Murder & Rape Conviction

A Jersey City man was sentenced to thirty (30) years to a New Jersey state prison. The man plead guilty last year to murder and rape charges. The victim was found in a pond in Jersey City. When Sheriffs officers arrived on seen, the woman appeared to have been strangled [...]

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Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence charge was brought against a New Jersey Senator. The senator, who is a deputy majority leader for State Democrats, crashed into two cars. Both cars were luckily unoccupied. It is unknown what the senator's blood alcohol level was or what she was allegedly drinking prior to [...]

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Affirmative Defenses

Affirmative defenses are available in some criminal charges. One of the most common affirmative defenses that comes to mind is self-defense. This happens usually in a simple assault or aggravated assault case. Depending on the facts of the case, a defendant can assert that based on the circumstances he/she was [...]

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Rape Charges for Daycare Worker

Rape charges were formally brought against a daycare worker. The defendant was formally indicted on rape charges which stems from a daycare that he operates out of his home. The alleged victim is an eight year old that attended the daycare. The daycare is owned by the defendant's wife and [...]

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Hit & Run Results in Death

Knowingly leaving scene of motor vehicle accident resulting in death is a serious charge. Recently, a Baltimore man pled guilty to this charge stemming from a hit & run that resulted in a death of a pedestrian. This past summer, a woman was walking on Paterson Plank Road in Secaucus [...]

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Hackensack Robbery Lawyers

We are Hackensack Robbery Lawyers, ready and willing to help you or your loved one fight this charge. Recently, a robbery took place in Ho-Ho-Kus right across the street from the police department. This allegedly took place around 2PM in the afternoon. Thereafter the robber supposedly fled from the scene. [...]

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Attempted Murder Charges

Attempted murder charges are very serious here in New Jersey. A former Olympian was charged with attempted murder from a spat that took place on his farm. Allegedly, the former Olympian was repeatedly harassing the victim and the victim's fiancé. There had been multiple 911 calls prior to the former [...]

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Homicide Charge Lawyers

Our homicide charge lawyers are here and ready to represent you or a loved one charged with a murder. A Hudson County Corrections Officer was recently arrested for two homicide charges. It is alleged that one of the victims was in a romantic relationship with the defendant. The alleged victims [...]

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