Attempted Robbert in Bergen County New Jersey

The offenses of robbery and theft have always been a prevalent problem throughout Bergen County forever. Some of the earliest written laws were designed to deal with individuals who made it their practice to engage in these criminal activities. Today, as then, robbery is still a major problem for law enforcement officials in New Jersey. Recently, the local police officers in Fort Lee New Jersey had to deal with a very interesting case involving a shoplifting turned robbery.

On Thursday, Fort Lee police arrested a man who was from Manhattan as he attempted to leave a liquor store with more than $300 worth of stolen alcohol. This man walked into a local Fort Lee liquor store, and started to place multiple bottles of liquor into a blue bag that he was carrying. Then, according to Kenneth Porrino, a sergeant in the Fort Lee Police Department, the defendant attempted to exit the liquor store with the concealed items. However, two courageous store employees were able to impede the defendant from leaving the store with the stolen items. By the time the defendant was able to finally break free and exit the liquor store, the Fort Lee police officers had arrived on the scene and successfully arrested the defendant. The defendant was most likely then brought to the Bergen County Jail where bail was set.

The defendant was arrested, placed in custody, and was charged with one count of robbery by the Fort Lee Police Department. This is a classic case of how what started out as a shoplifting offense, an offense that at best would be a fourth degree felony, subjecting the defendant to a maximum of eighteen months in a New Jersey State Prison turns into a second degree robbery subjecting the defendant to up to ten years in prison. The second that the defendant put his hands on the store clerk, the then shoplifting automatically escalates into a robbery charge. The underline legal theory is that the second any force or threat of force is used to obtain the stolen items the crime gets escalated.

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