River Edge New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Unlike other crimes, it is very difficult to have a DWI that was premeditated. Usually, in the vast majority of cases individuals who are charged with a DWI receive this charge because they made foolish decisions throughout the night that eventually led to them getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while they were intoxicated. It may be that the individual charged with a DWI has a problem with alcohol addiction and this led to their poor judgment. Or it might be that they just fail to plan or to designate a driver to take everyone home after a night of partying.

Regardless of the reasons why an individual was charged with a DWI, the results for them are going to be the same. They’re going to have to pay fines, risk suspension of license, and possibly spend time in jail. For this reason, a person who lives in River Edge, New Jersey who is charged with a DWI needs to immediately seek the counsel that DWI lawyers in River Edge can provide.

About River Edge New Jersey

River Edge, New Jersey population is around 11,300 individuals. This borough was incorporated on 30 June 1894. Located near the bank of the Hackensack River, this borough covers approximately 1.895 mi.² of area. Like the vast majority of boroughs in New Jersey, River Edge is governed under the borough form of government. This means that there are six city Council members and a Mayor.

Its claim to fame isThe New Bridge Landing. This is a place where Gen. George Washington and his army crossed as they retreated from an attack by the British. This took place on November 20, 1976. This town has served as home to some famous individuals, including Mickey Mantle, a former baseball player for the New York Yankees.

River Edge, New Jersey Municipal Court

River Edge Municipal Court is located at 705 Kinderkamack Road River Edge, NJ 07661. Court hours are Tuesday at 6 PM. Hon. Bruce L. Safro, P.J.M.C. oversees the court. Usually the cases heard in this court involve disorderly person’s complaints, traffic tickets, and DWI charges. Individuals who are charged with cocaine possession, or distributing or possessing marijuana would want to seek legal advice from a cocaine possession lawyer or a marijuana distribution lawyer before appearing in this court.

The Benefits of Seeking Legal Protection

Thankfully we live in a government where people are presumed innocent until they are guilty. It is also nice to know that the burden of proof rest upon the prosecution. However, these facts do not mean that an individual does not have the responsibility to defend themselves when they are charged with crimes like theft, simple assault, eluding, robbery, stalking, or a DWI. Quite to the contrary, the responsibility rests upon every single individual to seek out the best criminal defense lawyers that they can. It is only by doing this that individual can guarantee that they are going to receive the full protection provided by law. If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offense in Bergen County, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can help. Please contact any one of our offices for a free initial consultation with one of our eight Bergen County Criminal Defense Attorneys.