Wycoff Juvenile charged with Distributing Oxy

A 16 year old Bergen County juvenile is facing serious drug charges as a result of an alleged incident that took place in Wycoff in New Jersey. A Wycoff, police officer, Kyle Ferreira, claims to have observed two juveniles conducting a hand to hand drug transaction on the Sicomac Elementary schoolyard. Once the police officer went to approach the two juveniles, they both took off running. After an ensuing chase, Officer Ferreira was able to apprehend one of the juveniles. The juvenile apprehended was the alleged dealer in the transaction and a subsequent search revealed that the juvenile had 315 Oxycodone pills (Prescription Legend Drug). The estimated street value of the Oxycodone prescription drugs is roughly $10,000.

The actual charges levied against the juvenile has not been made public, however, he will most likely be charged with distribution of a prescription legend drug, distributing prescription drugs on school property, and possession of prescription legend drugs. The two distribution charges are second degree felony. Under the Juvenile Criminal Justice System, the juvenile will be facing up to three years in Jamesburg (Juvenile Detention Center) on the drug distribution charges alone. In addition, the possession of a controlled dangerous substance (“CDS”) is a third degree felony and  that is punishable by up to two years in Jamesburg.

Since these are such a serious charges, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s may seek to file what is known as a waiver. A waiver is a motion, whereby the Prosecutor’s Office will seek to prosecute the juvenile as an adult. Typically, a waiver will be granted if it is proven that the juvenile has either a very lengthy criminal history or the alleged charges are of the first or second degree nature. If the waiver is sought and granted, the juvenile could be facing up to ten years in a New Jersey State Prison on each drug distribution charge and up to five years on the drug possession charge. In addition, Brimage guidelines, which mandate parole ineligibility terms for certain drug distribution offenses, will most likely come into play.

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