Burglary charges filed against local Bergen County Nj Resident

A local Paramus New Jersey resident helps their local police department apprehend two burglary suspects. Stemming from a tip, the Paramus and Oradell police departments were able to respond to numerous 911 calls just in time. They were able to arrive on scene and apprehend the two burglary suspects before the suspects were able to leave with a car full stolen merchandise. It has been reported that a resident made the first 911 call after seeing, as he described, a suspicious-looking man emerge from a neighbor’s house. While the Paramus Police Officers were in route, they were alerted to the fact that another home in the neighborhood had been robbed.

Once the officers were able to conduct a search of the surrounding area, they were able to find one of the two suspects hiding in the bushes of a nearby home. Reports indicate that the other suspect was caught by Oradell police department, in Oradell New Jersey. It wasn’t until after both suspects were successfully apprehended that the police found the car full of merchandise.

Both defendants are being held in the Bergen County Jail. Bail has been set for both defendants, however, they have been unable to post bail. The offense of Burglary in New Jersey can be either a second or third degree felony depending on the underline facts. Please see our page on burglary for the specifics. If you or someone you know has been charged with a burglary, robbery, carjacking or any other crime for that matter the law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can help.