Another Suspected DUI Related Accident in East Rutherford NJ

DUI Attorneys in Bergen County NJAccording to the reports released thus far, the East Rutherford and Wallington Fire Department had to actually cut apart the roof the vehicle in order to extract the Defendant from it. Apparently the Defendant was driving down a street in East Rutherford when he struck two parked cars prior to smashing directly into a warehouse and coming to a rest. The Defendant hit one of the vehicles head on, sending it about ten feet forward from its parking spot. One of the neighbors who was home at the time stated they she felt her whole house actually shake once the accident happened.

Once the officer’s and firefighters were able to extract the Defendant from his vehicle he was taken to a nearby hospital where he remains hospitalized. It is unclear at this point in time what if any traffic tickets the Defendant actually received but it appears that the officers on scene suspected the Defendant was under the influence. If that is the case, they most likely drew the Defendant’s blood at the hospital in an effort to determine what his blood alcohol content level (BAC) was. If so, they would have needed a warrant in order for the results to be admissible in court against him. 

DUI Defense Lawyers in East Rutherford NJ

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