A Judge’s ruling that an ex-police officer should be prevented from having any form of public employment was upheld. In his refusal to reverse the conviction of 35-year-old ex-police officer, Judge Roy F. McGeady made it clear that he supported his earlier ruling which stated that the defendant, should forfeit his post as a police officer, and no longer have the opportunity to return to any form of public employment.

Judge McGeady heard this case because of a motion that was made by the defendant’s attorney asking the judge to reconsider a ruling that he himself made only a month earlier. Now, since the judge refused to reverse the ruling, the defendant’s attorney,  is seeking to appeal the ruling to a higher Court.

The defendant’s suspension and subsequent ban from public service came as a result of an incident that took place in 2011. The Defendant was accused of altering his license plate and other aspects of his vehicle to give the impression that his vehicle was an off-duty police car. While he does not deny that he made some alterations to his vehicle to give it the appearance of an undercover police car, he claims that he did so an attempt to try to prevent criminal activity in his neighborhood. According to him, at no time was he wearing his badge or his uniform, nor did he ever identify himself as a police officer when he was off-duty for illegal purposes.

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