Benefits of Diversionary Programs:

Conditional Discharge Program:

There are tremendous benefits if a defendant is accepted into the conditional discharge program. Probably the most important benefit that individual will receive is that if they complete the program without any issues they will walk away from these criminal charges without a criminal record. Obviously, this will come in handy when applying to your favorite college, seeking employment or trying to obtain/keep your professional licenses. In addition, the defendant will not be facing  a substantial fine nor will they be subjected to a potential six month loss of their drivers licenses. If you have any further questions with regards to this program including who will be eligible for it please click here.

 Pre Trail Intervention Program: 

Just like the Conditional Discharge Program, if the defendant is successfully admitted into this program and completes the program with violating any of the terms, the pending indictable (felony) charges will be dismissed.  The potential for incarceration is definitely more realistic when dealing with indictable charges, therefore, this programs affords defendants who otherwise would be sentenced to lengthy prison sentence the opportunity to avoid all incarceration. This is a tremendous advantage for any one charged with felony in New Jersey. In addition, the fines are drastically less for any one who avoids the traditional means of prosecution and is afforded the opportunity to participate in the Pre-Trail Intervention Program. If you have any more questions with regards to this program, including your eligibility please click here.

Drug Court:

Unlike the previous two programs, anyone who participates in the Drug Court Program will not avoid a criminal record however they will have the opportunity to avoid lengthy prison sentence. Drug Court is an intensive drug rehabilitation program that will force the defendant to remain drug free throughout the entire program. This is considered to be a last resort for repeat offenders. Traditionally, this program was not available for anyone who has been convicted of a violent crime, however, the Courts have taken a more relaxed approach. If you have any further questions on this subject please feel free contact any one of our Bergen County Offices for initial consultation.