Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute in Bergen County, NJ

Another major bust for the Mahwah Police Department, as they have reported that they have seized approximately forty (40) pounds of marijuana following a routine traffic stop on Route 17. It appears from the initial report that the driver was unable to provide the officers on scene with the necessary paperwork for the rented car that they were operating. Furthermore, it appears that while attempting to conduct the routine traffic stop, the passengers, two males, became extremely nervous and gave conflicting stories about why they were in the area. Based on the alleged inconsistencies in the statements and nervousness of the passengers, the Mahwah, New Jersey police officers decided to request backup, in the form of a drug sniffing dog.

It is unclear of whether the drug sniffing dog gave a positive alert for narcotics, but the driver decided to give the officers on scene the permission to search their vehicle. To be considered a valid consent to search in New Jersey, the defendant’s consent has to be knowing and voluntary and he or she must know they have the right to refuse to give consent if they see fit. The circumstances surrounding the consent can become crucial in this case, even if the drug sniffing dog alerted to the vehicle, the officers would still need to obtain a search warrant to search the defendant’s vehicle. However, the defendant’s vehicle may be impounded pending the issuance of a search warrant, based on the dogs alert.

A search of the vehicle revealed 39 vacuum-sealed bags of suspected marijuana. Each bag is alleged to have weighted anywhere between a pound to a pound and a half each. In addition, the Mahwah officers also found two large containers of hash oil, as well as drug paraphernalia. Both defendants were taken to the Bergen County Jail and issued a bail of $250,000. The have formally been charged with possession of marijuana over 25 pounds, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, possession of the liquid hash and possession of drug paraphernalia. For more information on possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute charges, click here.

Since the marijuana was over twenty-five pounds, the defendants will be charged with first degree possession and first degree possession with intent to distribute. If convicted of a first degree drug charge, a defendant could be sentenced to up to twenty (20) years in a New Jersey State Prison, fined up to $200,000 and up to a two year loss of their drivers privilege.

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