Chander Singh, who runs SC Capital Investors, LLC in Teaneck, NJ, is being charged with money laundering, theft, forgery, and records tampering. Allegedly he has been perpetuating this Ponzi scheme as early as 2014. It wasn’t until this past February that a tip led investigators to the defendant. The defendant also used his family to help perpetuate this scheme. He recruited his parents, his brother, as well as a family friend. The defendant, with the help of his family, allegedly swindled up to 30 people. They allegedly swindled these victims out of $4.7 million dollars. They were representing double digit returns on fake ventures.┬áThe money laundering charge will likely be a first degree given the extent of the alleged money that was stolen from the victims. If it is a first degree crime, the defendant can face up to twenty (20) years in state prison.

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At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we can help you combat a money laundering, theft, forgery, and records tampering charge since we have ten (10) criminal defense attorneys. In addition to that, our credentials include the following:

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