New Jersey Expungement Attorneys

The ramifications of a criminal record can be devastating to anyones future.  With the current economy in the condition that it is, it is imperative when going on a job interview to make sure that your background check is as clean as possible.  Expunging your criminal record can only increase the chances of getting the job that you desire, into the college that you want and protect the professional licenses that you possess.  The Expungement statue in New Jersey {N.J.S.A. 2C:52} can be confusing at times, therefore, it is imperative to speak to an experienced expungement lawyer about expunging your criminal record.

Mr. Oliver, who heads up the Hackensack office for the Law Offices of The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall recently presented a lecture on expungements at the New Jersey State Bar Association. During that presentation Mr. Oliver explained not only the proper procedure for filling an expungement but also highlighted some of the most common mistakes made when filling an expungement.   If you or a loved one has either a criminal or an arrest record and would like a free consultation about your eligibility for an expungement please feel free to contact any one of our Bergen County Offices to speak to one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys about your options. We can be reached 24/7 at 201.429.9783. Our office serves all of Bergen County including towns like Saddle Brook, Edgewater, Englewood, Ramsey, Lodi, Fair Lawn, Paramus, Oradell, Bogota, Little Ferry and Saddle River. 

 Typical Criminal Offenses Expunged in New Jersey:

    1. Indictable Offenses
    2. Disorderly Persons Offenses
    3. Township Ordinances
    4. Youthful Offenders
    5. Arrests
    6. Pretrial Intervention / Conditional Discharge

Each of the above referenced crimes have a different time frame which must be satisfied before one can petition the courts for an expungement.  As stated earlier, a criminal record can have devastating effects on individual’s future plans. Therefore, it is imperative that once the time frame as been satisfied you seek an attorney to perfect an expungement. One very important misconception is that if a Defendant either participates in the Conditional Discharge, the Pretrial Intervention or the Conditional Dismissal Program or if the underline charges are outright dismissed that there is no record of the incident. That is in accurate, the initial arrest record still exists and will exists unless an expungement is perfected. 

Hackensack NJ Expungement Lawyers

The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has been successfully petitioning courts throughout the State of New Jersey to expunge criminal records for over fifteen years. Please feel free to contact any one of our Bergen County office to speak with one of our experienced expungement attorneys about your eligibility for an expungement. Our attorneys are standing by to help assist in any way possible. We have represented clients in perfecting an expungement in towns like Lodi, Upper Saddle River, Mahwah, Fort Lee, Paramus, Fair Lawn, East Rutherford, Ramsey and Lyndhurst. If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to one of our attorneys please contact us directly at 201.429.9783.