DWI Attorneys in East Rutherford NJ

In New Jersey, DWI offenses are considered non-plea bargain-able, therefore, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of an experienced DWI defense lawyer. Here at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall our attorneys specialize in defending clients charged with driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated and refusal to submit to a breath test in East Rutherford. Our office possess some very unique qualifications when it comes to representing clients charge with DUI, for more information on those qualification please contact our East Rutherford Office at 1-800-682-4037. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to help assist in any way possible.

DWI Arrests in East Rutherford, New Jersey

With MetLife Stadium, the Izod Center and Meadowlands Race track all located in the heart of the Borough there should be no surprise to hear that the East Rutherford Police Department issues the fourth most DWI / DUI offenses in the entire county. Furthermore, major highways like the New Jersey Turnpike, Route 17, Route 120 and Route 3 cut right through the Borough which also makes it prime real estate for the New Jersey State Troopers to patrol. As you can image, the Judge’s and Prosecutor’s in New Jersey take driving while intoxicated offenses very seriously. If convicted, a client faces potential incarceration, high fines, licenses suspension, community service and potential court ordered rehab. To make matters worse, DWI / DUI offenses are enhanceable, what that means is that the penalties for a second or subsequent offense increase. For more information please checkout our following practice series:

  1. First offense DWI’s;
  2. Second offense DWI’s; &
  3. Third or subsequent offense DWI’s.

DWI Defense Lawyer in East Rutherford

The DWI laws in New Jersey have become very complex over the years. The legislature has created severe repercussions for any one convicted of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence in New Jersey irrespective of any hardships which you may possess. In fact, DUI’s are one of only two charges under the New Jersey criminal code which are non-plea bargain-able, the other being possession of marijuana under 50 grams. If you have been charged with DWI in East Rutherford and would like to discuss your options with any one of the eight criminal defense lawyers on staff at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall we can help. For a free initial consultation, please contact our office at 1-800-682-4037.