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An “Indictable Offense” is a category of crime under the New Jersey criminal code. They are often referred to in other states as a “felony”.  Indictable offenses require the attention of an experienced criminal lawyer, as the consequences if convicted can be severe.  All indictable matters in Bergen County will be handled at the Bergen County Superior Courthouse which is located at 10 Main Street Hackensack New Jersey.   The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has been handling all types of indictable offenses in Bergen County for over fifteen years.  If you or a loved one has been charged with an indictable offense please do not hesitate to contact anyone of our Bergen County Offices  for a free consultation.

You’re Rights if charged with an Indictable Offense

When a complaint is filed against an individual charging them with a First, Second, Third or Fourth Degree Offense, that individual has the right to have their matter presented to a Grand Jury. A grand jury consists of a panel of twenty-three (23) Bergen County residents.  Their job is to determine whether the State has presented enough evidence to support prosecuting the alleged individual with that particular indictable offense.  An individual has the right to waive this hearing if they see fit and allow the State to proceed by way of Accusation.

Common Indictable Offenses in Bergen County:

            1. Possession of  Heroin
            2. Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute
            3. Robbery
            4. Aggravated Assault
            5. Burglary
            6. Unlawful Possession of a Weapon

Grading of Indictable Offense in New Jersey

In New Jersey, indictable offenses are “graded” by “degrees”.  Both a first and second degree offense carries a presumption of incarceration. If convicted, a first degree offense carries the potential of 10-20 years in a state prison. A second degree offense carries the potential of 5-10 years in a state prison.  On the other hand, both a third and fourth degree offense carries a presumption of non-incarceration. However, if convicted, that presumption can be overcome and one could face 3-5 years in a state prison for a third degree offense and up to 18 months for a fourth degree offense.

Powerful Bergen County Criminal Defense Firm

As you can tell the potential exposure for someone convicted of an indictable offense in New Jersey can be severe.  Do not leave your future to chance, please contact anyone of our Bergen County Offices to speak to one of our experienced criminal lawyers.