New City New Jersey- There is a seven-year-old girl right now, who is in critical condition. She is in critical condition, because she was stabbed multiple times not by a stranger but instead by her own mother. After her mother engaged in this heinous crime she committed suicide. The father of the seven-year-old girl was left with the gruesome task of discovering this horrific scene. The mother, a 45-year-old podiatrist, apparently had the intention of killing her daughter. When she thought that she had succeeded she then turned her knife on herself and killed herself. The seven-year-old girl, is a student at Woodland Elementary.

The body of the mother, and that of the injured girl were found in the master bedroom, and identified by a relative. The master bedroom, where they were both found, according to authorities was covered in blood. Police were informed about the tragic incident by 68-year-old anesthesiologist. He was identified later as the girl’s father. According to county mortgage records both the victim and the alleged defendant resided in the home where the bodies were found. Their home was situated in a beautiful neighborhood with many multi-million dollar homes.

The seven-year-old child was taken to the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla by ambulance. She is suffering multiple stab wounds, and a slash in the throat. According to medics, she was conscious and able to speak. It seems as if the girl, who is currently in intensive care, will not be able to speak with law enforcement agents for many days. Police interviewed the girl’s father, and they filed no charges against him. They feel that he played absolutely no role in the tragedy.