Distributing Child Porn charges issued for Bergen County Residents

A man from Springfield New Jersey was among the 24 adult men and one juvenile male arrested in connection with a sting on child pornography. According to Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa, these men were arrested in connection with an operation that was designed to help stop the distribution of child pornography, including videos of children being raped. This was an operation that was participated in by many different departments and was called Operation Ever Vigilant.

The police began their investigations in connection with Operation Ever Vigilant three months ago. Their goal was to find individuals in New Jersey who were distributing child pornography to others. These videos include horrendous scenes of children being molested, raped, and also being forced to perform perverse sexual acts on themselves or others. In addition to child pornography, videos were found containing disturbing scenes of necrophilia and bestiality.

Interestingly, the defendants that were captured during Operation Ever Vigilant came from every single walk of life. Each of them were found to be in possession of child pornography, and had also made child pornography available to other individuals. Attorney General General Chiesa said that, ‘Individuals who distribute child pornography, especially rape videos, puts themselves in the same league with the predators who assaulted these children in the making of these videos.

Of the 25 individuals arrested, five were people who had direct contact with children. Some were even working as babysitters. Some were registered sex offenders, and some are being investigated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for being in the United States illegally.

Among the arrested individuals are multiple individuals from Bergen County. They have been identified as: Louis Cedeno, age 46 from Palisades Park, David Laidlaw, age 36 from Hillsdale, Ernest Okhtenberg, age 39 from Fair Lawn , Joseph Lorz, age 26 from Bergenfield and Jose Oswaldo age 39 from Fairview New Jersey.