Eluding Defense Lawyer in Elmwood Park NJ

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:29-2(b), eluding can be either a second or third degree felony in New Jersey. The key in determining whether it is a second or third degree felony will is determining whether the Defendant “created a risk of death or injury to any person” while fleeing. The difference between a second and third degree felony in Bergen County could be the difference between a ten (10) year prison sentence and a probationary sentence, possibly even acceptance into the Pretrial Intervention Program. For more information on the offense of eluding in New Jersey, please checkout our Elmwood Park, NJ eluding practice series. Furthermore, if you would like to set up a free initial consultation with any one of the eight Elmwood Park eluding defense lawyers on staff at the Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver, please contact our Hackensack office at 1-800-682-4037. Our attorneys can be reached 24/7. Now here is a recent article about a Montvale, New Jersey resident who was charged with eluding and heroin possession in Elmwood Park, New Jersey this week.

Montvale NJ Resident Charged with Eluding & Heroin Possession in Elmwood Park

Criminal Defense Attorneys Elmwood Park NJAccording to the reports, the Elmwood Park police attempted to pull over a thirty-four year old Montvale resident for a minor traffic infraction when he all the sudden took off. It appears that the Defendant had a change of mind once he crossed over into Fair Lawn and decided to pull over. A subsequent search revealed that the Defendant was in possession of twenty (20) bags of heroin as well.

The Defendant was arrested and charged with eluding in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:29-2(b) and possession of heroin in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10. A $10,000 bail was set for both charges. The Defendant was able to post bail pending a court appearance in Elmwood Park. If you or someone you know has been charged with eluding in Bergen County, New Jersey the Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver can help. To schedule a free initial consultation please contact our Hackensack Office at 1-800-682-4037.