Invasion of Privacy Charges For Lyndhurst Firefighter

Hackensack NJ Invasion of Privacy Defense Lawyers The Lyndhurst Police Department has released a statement that they have arrested and charged a forty-five (45) year old male with invasion of privacy following a pool party that his teenage son through at his home. It appears that the Defendant, who happens to be a volunteer firefighter and recreational football coach in Lyndhurst, set up a iPod camera in his downstairs bathroom.

Apparently one of the victims noticed a light coming from inside a closet that was located in the first floor bathroom. Upon a further inspection, she discovered that it was an iPod recording device. Once she discovered what it was, she used her own cellphone to record approximately thirty (30) minutes his recording. In addition, she somehow managed to record him setting up the iPod camera as well. The Defendant was arrested and brought to the Lyndhurst Police Station where he was processed and released on a summons without a bail being issued. He has formally been charged with a single count of invasion of privacy, however, if the video depicts more than one individual more counts may be added. 

Invasion of Privacy Lawyers in Bergen County NJ

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