Bergen County teen victim of Sexual Assault

On Tuesday, February 5, 2013, a reality TV star  had to appear in The Bergen County Superior Court. The defendant’s claim to fame is the fact that he was a star on a reality TV program known as Love and Hip-Hop. On Tuesday he appeared in court for the start of his trial in connection to his alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl. The Defendant is a 34 years old male, and is currently working in both the music industry and in the real estate industry in New York City. For his appearance in court he was accompanied by well-wishers, friends and relatives.

The Defendant is being charged because he has been accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a girl who was at the time of the sexual encounter, only 15 years old. This 15-year-old girl lived in Lodi, New Jersey at the time of the sexual assault. The victim in this matter happens to be the daughter of his ex-girlfriend.

Based on the sexual assault charges, the defendant is now looking at upwards of 20 years in a New Jersey State Prison. The list of indictment handed down against the defendant includes aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual conduct, child endangerment, promoting prostitution and criminal sexual contact. As if matters cannot get any worse, the defendant is also facing possession of cocaine and possession of heroin charges in New York City.

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