Bergen County NJ Juveniles Charged with Counterfeiting Money

A group of New Milford, New Jersey juveniles were detained and charged with making counterfeit money and attempting to launder the money through local businesses throughout Bergen County. One of the teens, a New Milford resident, is alleged to be the ringleader of this scheme, a scheme where in which the juveniles allegedly made approximately $1,000 worth of counterfeit currency on his home printer. According to the initial reports, the defendant then recruited four other classmates to help circulate the counterfeit money through local business and even their own High School Cafeteria. Apparently, the New Milford Police Chief Frank Papapietro was informed by the United States Secret Service that similar twenty dollar bills, with similar serial numbers, were also used at local businesses throughout Dumont and Paramus, New Jersey.

According to the detectives working the case, they were able to make a break through when they reviewed the surveillance footage from a Dunkin Donuts after employees notified them of the counterfeit bills. Apparently on the surveillance footage, the detectives were able to notice several juveniles, who were decked out in New Milford school clothing, pass the alleged counterfeit bills. As a result, all five juveniles alleged to be involved in the scheme were identified and apprehended. They were then interviewed by the local detectives in the presence of their parents, as required by law. (for more information on juvenile justice system click here). Supposedly, all five juveniles cooperated and gave video statements. In addition, a search of the alleged ringleaders home revealed significant evidence, including the printer and several counterfeit bills.

The New Milford Police Department signed juvenile complaints against two of the juveniles, charging them with three felonies, uttering a forged instrument (i.e. the currency), possession of a forgery device and theft by deception. The other three juveniles were charged with theft by deception for their participation laundering the bills throughout local businesses.

Bergen County NJ Juvenile Lawyers

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