Bergen County Resident charged with Theft of Services

After being caught stealing in excess of $53,000, a secretary who works at a law firm in Hackensack, New Jersey pleads guilty to the theft charges. The secretary not only lives in Hackensack, New Jersey but also resides there as well. Her plea requires her to serve 364 days in the Bergen County Jail, therefore, she will avoid being shipped off to a New Jersey State Prison. Also part of her plea deal requires her to repay the money that she stole from her employer; this is known as restitution. According to Court documents, the defendant is set to be sentenced for the offense of theft on March 22, 2013.

The defendant had confessed to writing five checks from her employer’s bank account to her personal bank account. These checks were said to be written between December 14, 2010 and June 13, 2013. The defendant also admitted to forging the signature of her employer on the five checks. In addition, the defendant also transferred funds between accounts without her employer’s consent. The checks were made out to herself. This is according to an announcement made by Atty. Gen. Jeffrey S. Chiesa.

This investigation came about as the result of cooperation from multiple law enforcement agencies. At the hearing that took place in the morning of February 8, 2013, law-enforcement agents from various departments thank each other for their cooperation in successfully bringing this case to justice in criminal court.

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