Fairview New Jersey Resident Charged with Driving While Intoxicated

My office just finished representing an individual who was charged with Driving While Intoxicated, contrary to NJSA 39:4-50, Driving While Intoxicated in a Schoolzone, contrary to NJSA 39:4-50g and Carless Driving, contrary to NJSA 39:4-97 in the Township of Fairview. If convicted of the DWI charge, the defendant would be facing up to a twelve month loss of their driving privileges since their Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) was  determined to be .18%. In addition, if the defendant was convicted of a DWI in a Schoolzone, the defendant would facing between a one to two year loss of their drivers license and up to sixty days in the Bergen County Jail. If convicted of both DWI offenses, the Fairview Municipal Court Judge could require that the license suspensions run consecutively and the defendant could potentially lose their driver’s license for three years. Further, with the BAC determined to be over double the legal limit and a DWI in a Schoolzone charge as well, the reality of the defendant being incarcerated was very realistic.

Once my office received the discovery we knew we had to get the “readings” (the defendants BAC) suppressed if we had any chance of keeping the defendant out of the Bergen County Jail. We knew that if we were able to suppress the defendant’s breathalyzer readings, (.18%) the defendant would only be facing a three month loss of their driving privileges on the DWI charge. As a result, my office was able to receive various court orders which demanded that the state produce certain items of discovery within a certain time frame. These items include countless foundational documents for the Alcotest Machine (Machine that determines a defendants BAC) and a school zone map, which would prove that the defendant was actually operating his vehicle in a school zone at the time of his arrest.

After receiving these court orders, my office was able to successfully argue a motion to suppress the defendant’s Breath Readings.  As a result, the State could only prosecute the defendant as a tier one DWI, which if convicted subjects the defendant to only a three month loss of their driving privileges. With now having the upper hand, we entered into extensive plea negotiations. We were able to negotiate a plea agreement where upon the defendant would plead to a tier one DWI and a dismissal both the driving while intoxicated in a school zone and careless driving charge. In conclusion, the defendant, who at the beginning was facing up to a three year loss of their driving privileges and up to 60 days in the Bergen County Jail, was sentenced to a ninety day loss of their drivers license and no jail time.

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