A Bergen County NJ Teacher’s Aide Charged with Simple Assault & Endangering the Welfare of a Child

Simple assault lawyers in Bergen County NJIt is unclear at this point in time what actually occurred or what started the incident but when the dust settled a sixty (60) year old male from North Bergen was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault. According to the limited information that has been released thus far, it appears that the Defendant, a teacher’s aide, struck a child at the YCS George Washington School, which is located on Hudson Street in Hackensack, New Jersey Thursday. Upon hearing this information, the child’s parents immediately reported the incident to the Hackensack Police Department.  As a result, the Defendant was arrested and charged with one count of endangering the welfare of a child in the third degree and one count of simple assault. The Defendant was taken to the Bergen County Jail and was being held on a $20,000 bail. He is set to have his arraignment in the Central Municipal Court of Bergen County, which is also located in Hackensack on Monday. The Defendant was only charged with simple assault as opposed to aggravated assault since the victim was not seriously hurt as a result of the incident.  

Endangering the Welfare of a Child Defense Lawyers in Hackensack NJ

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