Marijuana, MDMA, Xanax & Handgun Found on Englewood Man

Hackensack NJ Drug Distribution LawyersAccording to the reports released thus far, the Bergen County Narcotics Task Force was able to build yet another drug case against the an Englewood man after they successfully conduct several undercover heroin and marijuana buys over the last few weeks. Based on the undercover buys, the Bergen County detectives decided it was time to arrest the Englewood resident and charge him with the distribution of heroin and marijuana.

It appears that the detective’s spotted the Defendant riding a bicycle down the street in Englewood when they decided this was their opportunity to make the arrest. Apparently, the Defendant attempted to flee the scene on his bicycle, however, the Detectives were able to apprehend him and place him under arrest rather quickly. It is unclear what happened next but the Defendant was taken back to his home and a search was conduct. That’s when the detectives discovered an ounce of marijuana, over 70 Xanax pills, 12 MDMA (Molly) capsule, a handgun and $1,670 cash. As a result, the Defendant was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, possession of prescription drugs with the intent to distribute, possession of Molly with the intent to distribute and unlawful possession of a weapon. He was brought to the Bergen County Jail and a $50,000 bail was set.

Marijuana Distribution Lawyers in Englewood, New Jersey

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