Eluding Charges Issued as a Result of North Arlington Police Chase

Eluding Defense Lawyers NJIt appears that a routine traffic stop for a loud muffler in North Arlington turns into a potentially dangerous situation after the driver flees at a high rate of speed. According to the reports released thus far, the Defendant, a twenty-eight (28) year old Newark native, floored it once an officer attempted to issue him a citation for a loud muffler. According to the North Arlington police officer, as soon as he exited his patrol car, the defendant “turned, made eye contact and floored the accelerator”. He then began driving on the wrong side of the road, directly into oncoming traffic. As  a result, the officer made the decision to pull off of the chase.

Fortunately, the officer’s were able to obtain the license plate information and track it down an address. When the officer’s arrived at the registered owners home, they were informed by a female that she had loaned the car to the Defendant. Now with a suspect in mind the officer’s issued an arrest warrant and a few days later the Defendant turned himself in. He has formally been charged with eluding and ancillary traffic tickets as well. He was taken to the Bergen County Jail and bail was set at $40,000.

Hackensack NJ Eluding Defense Lawyers

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