East Rutherford New Jersey Preparing for Major Crime Rise during Superbowl

Prostitution and sex trafficking have been a constant scourge for legal authorities around the world. In East Rutherford, New Jersey special steps are being taken to try and tackle sex trafficking prior to the Super Bowl that is to be held in New Jersey next year. The attorney general, Jeffrey Chiesa’s has been in contact with other states that has held Super Bowl’s in times past. Included in the states that the attorney general’s office has communicated with is Louisiana and Indiana. The purpose of these communications is to see what steps could be taken in order to minimize sex trafficking during the Super Bowl.

The Bergen County prosecutor office announced that his office would probably do a search for individuals involved in human trafficking prior to the Super Bowl. Other politicians have stated that they are interested in using fines of up to $25,000 as a way to try to dissuade individuals from engaging in these crimes. Unfortunately, the criminal offense of prostitution also leads to other crimes like cocaine possession, marijuana distribution, aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault as well. These are very serious charges in Bergen County and can lead to lengthy incarcerations in one of New Jersey’s state prisons.

The efforts of law enforcement agents in New Orleans prior to the Super Bowl to prevent sex trafficking, prostitution, and drug trafficking resulted in more than 80 individuals being arrested. They were also able to rescue five women, who were allegedly forced to come to New Orleans to work as prostitutes against their will.

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