40 Year Old Man Charged with DWI & Refusal Following Incident in Lodi, NJ

According to the information released thus far, the Lodi police department has arrested and charged a Borough resident with among other things, DWI and refusal. It appears that the Defendant, a forty (40) year old male from Lodi, struck several parked cars while driving near St. Francis De Sales Church late last night before eventually coming to a stop. When the police arrived on the scene, they decided to put the Defendant through several standardized field sobriety tests. The reports indicate that the Defendant failed those tests, therefore, he was taken down to the Lodi police department to submit a breath sample on the Alcotest Machine. When asked to do so the Defendant refused.

As a result he was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, refusing to submit to a breath sample, carless driving and most likely leaving the scene of an accident. The Defendant was eventually released to a friend after he refused medical attention. He is due in court next week. As a result of the incident, all three cars involved were towed from the scene. 

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