Wood Ridge New Jersey Driving While Intoxicated Lawyer

If a police officer indicates that they want you to stop your vehicle, or that they want you to pull your vehicle over to the shoulder, according to Wood Ridge, New Jersey law you are required to obey immediately. Any delay in responding to the instructions that you received from a police officer would be considered eluding. It does not matter if you do not respond to the police officer’s instructions because you did not see them, or if your failure to respond is an attempt to avoid arrest and criminal penalties. According to New Jersey law, in both scenarios an individual could be charged with eluding, or resisting arrest. This is a very serious criminal charge that could result in fines, and prison time. For this reason if you find yourself accused of eluding arrest, and you live in the city of Wood Ridge New Jersey, you would want to get in contact with Wood Ridge New Jersey criminal defense lawyers immediately.

About the city of Wood Ridge New Jersey

Wood Ridge, New Jersey has a population of approximately 7600 residents. This Bergen County borough is located in the southwestern part of the county. It was ranked 39th in the list of the best places to live in New Jersey. This borough is governed by a Mayor, and a Borough Council. Wood Ridge was Incorporated on 6 December 1894. The borough itself sits on approximately 1.09 mi.² of land.

Although this is a relatively small borough, there are still instances of criminal activity. At times residents of this borough are charged with things like harassment, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and carjacking. When this happens they will need the experience of a Wood Ridge, New Jersey criminal defense attorney.

Municipal Court Wood Ridge New Jersey

Wood Ridge New Jersey Municipal Court is located at 85 Humboldt St., Wood Ridge NJ 07075. Court hours are the first and third Thursday at 5:30 PM. The Hon. Judge Mark T. Janeczko presides over the court, and Ronald DarÃo is the court prosecutor. Many of the individuals who are accused of driving while intoxicated who have their cases heard in this court have seen the benefits of using a Wood Ridge driving while intoxicated Lawyer to defend them.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Case

In the same way that an individual who has a problem with their heart, would prefer to go to a cardiologist as opposed to visiting a general practitioner so too, individuals who are facing drug charges, would fare better if they visited a lawyer that has experience in dealing with drug related cases. Obviously a cocaine possession lawyer or a Prescription drug lawyer is going to be better suited for dealing with a drug related case than a lawyer that only has experience dealing with something like bankruptcy. When you find yourself facing a drug related charge, or any other serious criminal charge make sure that the criminal defense attorney that you hire is the one that is best suited to handle your particular case.