Wallington New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

The United States law is designed in such a way to prevent its citizens from having to live in fear of potential physical harm. For this reason things such as harassment, and simple assault is treated as serious crimes. Usually, an individual who is a victim of harassment knows the person that is harassing them. More times than not, it is an individual that, in the past, was close to the victim. Many times the harassment begins at the end of a romantic relationship. At first, many cases of harassment are not reported to law enforcement agents. It could be that the victim hopes that the individual harassing them will eventually quit their harassing behavior. Or at times the victim feels that they can handle the situation on their own.

However, over time the harassment usually escalates to the point where the victim is in fear for their safety, or the safety of their family members. The harasser might go as far as committing vandalism or criminal mischief. Many times in his attempts to show displays of affection for his victim, the harasser might also be involved in disorderly conduct. When this happens, the harassment is a criminal activity that could result in serious penalties. Any Wallington, New Jersey resident who finds themselves accused of criminal harassment is encouraged to seek the help of Harassment, Criminal Defense Lawyers.

About the town of Wallington New Jersey

Wallington, New Jersey is a beautiful borough that is located on the southwestern border of Bergen County. It has a population of approximately 11,300 residents. Created on 2 January 1895 this borough sits on 1.03 mi.² of land. It is a 15 mile commute from Wallington to parts of Midtown Manhattan. Wallington, New Jersey is home to the New Jersey grizzlies, an in-line hockey team, and to the Garden State Roller Girls, a roller derby team. Similar to many of the other boroughs in New Jersey, Wallington New Jersey is governed by a Mayor and a six member Borough Council.

In this Township, as with many others across the country, individuals are occasionally charged with marijuana possession, or even worse with the possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. If you find yourself in this position, do not hesitate to speak to Wallington, New Jersey criminal defense lawyers. These lawyers are ready and willing to discuss your case with you and help you work to have the best outcome.

Municipal Court Wallington New Jersey

The Wallington, New Jersey Municipal Court is located at 54 Union Blvd., Wallington, NJ 07057. Court hours are the first and third Mondays of the month at 6 PM. The Hon. Casmir Sondey is the presiding judge. Thomas A. Sarlo is the city prosecutor. The majority of the cases heard in this court are of disorderly conduct, and traffic violations. There also multiple DWI cases that are heard here every single week. Individuals charged with a DWI, should feel free to discuss the situation with a Wallington, New Jersey Driving while suspended lawyer.

You Do Not Want to Go through This Alone

For many people, the entire process of being arrested, accused of a crime, and then facing a judge and a jury can seem absolutely overwhelming. If an individual is not a career criminal, this may be the very first time that they have had an experience like this. It could be that they are a nonviolent offender who got involved in something like theft by deception, and now they find themselves facing serious jail time with the violent offenders. Understandably, they are nervous, and afraid. Thankfully, they do not have to go through this alone. Wallington, New Jersey criminal defense lawyers understand the entire criminal legal process. They have the experience necessary to serve as a guiding hand through this very difficult situation.