Waldwick New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

Ever since states like Colorado enacted laws to legalize marijuana, many people have started to imagine what a legalized marijuana industry would look like in the United States. People on both sides of the aisle have made arguments as to the benefits and the downsides of legalizing Marijuana.

Those who are in favor of legalizing marijuana point to the fact that, since marijuana is a vice it will be taxed heavily. The tax revenue that is received from the sale of marijuana could then be used to address other pressing issues in the country. Individuals who oppose the legalization of marijuana often point to statistics that detail the increase in on-the-job injuries, and marijuana related car accidents that might occur if the substance was easily accessible to the masses.

Only time will tell which side is right. However for now, in Waldwick, New Jersey the use of, and the possession of marijuana is illegal. Anyone who was captured producing marijuana, or trying to distribute marijuana will need the assistance of a Waldwick, New Jersey marijuana distribution lawyer.

About the city of Waldwick New Jersey

There are more than 9600 individuals that make up this borough that sits in the Midwestern part of Bergen County. Waldwick New Jersey is situated on 2 square miles of land. This racially diverse borough has an average household income of $75,000 a year. Similar to the majority of the boroughs in Bergen County, Waldwick has a borough form of the New Jersey government. This means that they have a six member city Council, and also a Mayor. Legal counsel for individuals who live in Waldwick New Jersey, can be found by speaking to one of our criminal defense attorneys. We are ready and willing to help individuals who are accused of a wide range of crimes including things like shoplifting, Eluding, robbery, and resisting arrest.

Municipal Court Waldwick New Jersey

The Waldwick, New Jersey Municipal Court building is located on 63 Franklin Turnpike Waldwick, NJ 07463. The court hours are the second and fourth Thursday at 3 PM. The Hon. Judge John D. O’Dwyer is the presiding judge. Thomas Randolph serves as the city prosecutor. A good portion of the cases heard here are traffic related. If you or someone you love find themselves charged with a DWI, or other traffic related violation feel free to speak with a professional Waldwick DWI Lawyer.

The Law Is There to Defend You

The concept of being innocent until proven guilty is one of the things that makes the law in the United States unique. It does not matter if you are charged with something like trespassing or simple assault. According to the law, until the prosecution can make its case against you, you are innocent. It is in the best interest of every individual who has been charged with a crime to sit down and speak with a criminal defense attorney. Your attorney is going to understand the laws pertaining to your case way better than you ever could. For example, if you are accused of harassment and you speak to a Harassment Lawyer , you are going to see laws that work in your favor that you might have not even known existed. Do not cut yourself short. Avail yourself of the protection provided by the law and get a good criminal defense attorney. Remember the law is there to defend you, and so are we. Here at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall we have over 100 years of combined experience; including over twenty five years of prior prosecuting experience.