Upper Saddle River NJ Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute Lawyer

According to the law, there is a huge difference between marijuana possession, and possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute. There are multiple factors that law enforcement officials will take into consideration when determining whether or not an individual possessed marijuana for their personal use, or if their intent was to distribute it to others. The primary thing that they will look at is the amount of marijuana that the defendant had in their possession at the time of arrest. Also a prosecutor may use things like the testimony of undercover officers, or the testimony of confidential informants to attest to the fact that the individual possessed marijuana with intent to sell it. Also, if a defendant possesses marijuana but does not have in their possession smoking materials, such as rolling papers, the prosecutor may use this circumstantial evidence, along with the amount of cash that the individual has in their possession at the time of arrest to show that the defendant’s intentions were to distribute the marijuana he had in his possession.

Being accused of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute is a very serious crime. Often it can land people in jail, and it carries a maximum penalty of multiple years in prison. Any resident of Upper Saddle River accused of this crime must recognize the fact that their best chance of defending themselves is to speak to an Upper Saddle River possession of marijuana with intent to distribute lawyer.

About the Borough of Upper Saddle River New Jersey

Located in the northern part of Bergen County New Jersey, Upper Saddle River boasts a population of over 8200 residents. In the past 10 years this borough has seen an increase in population of more than 7.5%. Upper Saddle River was founded in 1894 by Dutch settlers , and it sits on 5.28 mi.² of land. Many notable individuals have called this borough home. Included in this list is Jason Kidd ,formally of the New York Nets, and Lawrence Taylor, a retired Hall of Fame football player.

At times residents of Upper Saddle River find themselves in legal trouble. They may be accused of things like theft by deception, marijuana possession, shoplifting, or harassment. When this happens, they are encouraged to speak to the criminal defense attorneys of Upper Settle River. These attorneys are diligent in seeing to it that their clients receive the best legal help possible.

Municipal Court Upper Saddle River New Jersey

The Municipal Court building for Upper Saddle River is located at 376 West Saddle River Road Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. Court hours are the second and fourth Tuesday at 5 PM. The Hon. Harry D. Norton Jr. is the presiding judge. Michael L. Kingman, Esq. serves as the Upper Saddle River court prosecutor.

Every single week, this court is going to hear an average of 10 traffic tickets, and DWI charges. Anyone who has to appear in this court and is accused of driving while intoxicated is encouraged to seek the legal counsel of a DWI Lawyer that services this borough.

Every Single Case Is Different

Every night on the news we hear about individuals who are involved in drug related crimes. We could walk away with the impression that every drug-related crime is the same, and is handled the same in court. Nothing is farther from the truth. Depending on the situation and the types of drugs that were used a person might need the help of a cocaine distribution lawyer or they might need the help of an Upper Saddle River Prescription Drug Lawyer. The best way to find out which lawyer is right to handle your case is to sit down and talk to one of our well-respected criminal defense attorneys. They are ready and willing to find a solution for you. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall for a free initial consultation.