South Hackensack New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

A person may wonder, how can law enforcement agents determine whether an individual intends to use the marijuana in his possession for personal use, or if his intentions are to distribute the marijuana? In truth, there is no one determining factor. However law enforcement officials can look at a wide range of circumstantial factors to determine what the probable intention of the defendant is for the marijuana in his possession.

For example let’s say a guy who lives in South Hackensack, New Jersey walks out of a convenience store, and he is clearly intoxicated. He is stumbling around, and for this reason he gets the attention of law enforcement agents. When they pull him over, they see that he has rolling paper, a 3 dollars on him, and a bag of marijuana in his pocket that weighs just about 1 ounce. Law enforcement officials could conclude that this individual’s intent for the marijuana is personal use. They could come to this conclusion because of the relatively small amount of marijuana he had in his possession, the fact that he did not have large sums of cash in his possession, and also the fact that he had paraphernalia that he could personally use to smoke marijuana.

With every case of marijuana possession, it is going to be up to the prosecutor to determine how they are going to charge the defendant. Something though that is clear is that anyone who is charged with possession marijuana with intent is looking at very serious consequences. Their best bet for a good defense is to speak to a South Hackensack marijuana possession lawyer.

About the Town of South Hackensack New Jersey

South Hackensack, New Jersey is a Township in the borough of Bergen County. This Township, with its population of 2378 residents has seen a constant increase in population over the past 10 years. The total land mass of this Township is 0.741 mi.², and it is the only municipality in New Jersey that is split into three separate parts.. This Township was founded in 1935. Included in the notable places to visit in this Township is the School of Rock East. This is a music school that has close ties to pop rock and indie rock bands.

Residents of this Township who have been convicted of shoplifting, harassment, disorderly conduct, arson stalking or Cocaine possession are invited to sit down and have a conversation with one of our South Hackensack criminal defense attorneys. We would be happy to help you with your case.

South Hackensack New Jersey Municipal Court

South Hackensack, New Jersey, 227 Phillips Ave. South Hackensack, NJ 07606. The Hon. Vince Sicari, P.J.M.C. is the presiding judge. Elsbeth Crusius, Esq. serves as court prosecutor. On a weekly basis, this court is going to hear approximately 10 traffic and DWI charges. We have lawyers at specialize in defending individuals against DWI charges. If you find yourself facing these charges in this Municipal Court please contact us as soon as possible.

Put Your Criminal Defense First

When you are being charged with a criminal offense, it can seem overwhelming. At times the emotion of the situation can cause you to lose sight of the most important thing, defending yourself. Thankfully, our criminal defense attorneys have experience dealing with these cases. They will provide you with both the legal and emotional backing that you need to help you make it through your court case. So if you need a prescription drug distribution lawyer or a DWI lawyer please feel free to give us a call. We will put your criminal defense first.