DWI Lawyers in Saddle River New Jersey

A good example of theft by deception, is an individual who writes a check to purchase a particular item knowing that the checking’s account connected to the check is no longer active. Or another example of this crime could be an individual who uses false credentials to obtain employment. There is a huge difference between committing theft by deception, and making a mistake. A person, for example, might accidentally write a check using an account that is closed. However, if and when they become aware of the mistake, they immediately take steps to rectify the situation it is not theft by deception. However, if this person, after becoming aware of their mistake, did nothing to fix it then their actions would be considered theft.

The way that the court reacts to theft by deception depends on the amount of damage that is caused by the crime. An individual who is accused of this crime would do well to seek the legal advice of attorneys in Saddle River, New Jersey that have experience defending individuals charged with theft by deception.

About the Town of Saddle River New Jersey

Located in the northern part of Bergen County, Saddle River, New Jersey is a borough that has a population estimated to be around 3100 residents. It is ranked 28th on the list of the 100 places in the United States with the highest income. This borough was formed on November 22, 1894. It receives its name from the Saddle River which flows through this borough.

Saddle River has a total land mass of approximately 4.9 mi.². Its female population outranks its male population 100 to 89. The government in Saddle River is similar to the government in many of the boroughs in Bergen County. There is a Mayor, and a six member city Council. Saddle River is home to many famous individuals. Included in these is the famous R&B singer Mary J. Blige, the New Jersey Nets basketball player Vince Carter, the one time controversial comedian Andrew Dice Clay, the rapper Ja Rule, along with a host of other famous people.

Although the borough of Saddle River, is extremely affluent, there are still times when cases of things like shoplifting, disorderly conduct, stalking, aggravated assault, and marijuana distribution are reported. When this happens, local residents are encouraged to seek legal counsel by speaking with Saddle River’s criminal defense attorneys.

Municipal Court Saddle River New Jersey

The Saddle River New Jersey Municipal Court building is located at 100 East Allendale Rd. Saddle River, NJ 07458. Court hours are the first and third Tuesday at 3 PM. The Hon. Philip F. Sheridan is the presiding judge, and Christine Carey Lilore, Esq. is the city’s prosecutor. The vast majority of cases that are heard in this court pertained to traffic violations, such as DWIs, and disorderly conduct. Local residents who are being charged with a DWI are encouraged to consult with a Saddle River DWI lawyer before appearing in court.

Do Not Try to Defend Yourself

At times when people are arrested, they have the mistaken idea that they have what it takes to defend themselves in the court of law. For this reason, they hesitate when it comes to getting a criminal defense lawyer. If you find yourself in this position do not fool yourself. If you did not have the ability to convince the arresting police officer that you were innocent of the crime that you were accused of, how do they think you are going to be able to convince a judge and a jury that you are innocent? Especially when you have a prosecutor working hard to undermine everything that they say. Obviously if you are charged with a drug offense, for example, you would do better in court if you had a marijuana distribution, or a cocaine possession lawyer working hard to defend you. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is an experienced Bergen County Criminal Defense Firm. If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offense like possession of marijuana under 50 grams, trespassing, criminal mischief or resisting arrest we can help.