River Vale, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

Imagine the following scenario. A woman is working as a waitress in River Vale New Jersey. Her shift requires her to get off from work late at night. Because she does not have a vehicle, this woman is walking home alone. Suddenly, a man jumps in front of her out of the bushes and starts to attacker. He begins to rip off her clothing, and it is apparent that the man’s intentions are to rob, and rape her. However, the waitress is able to hit the man with a rock that is nearby. She is able to get away safe.

In this scenario, the man who attacked the waitress would be guilty of aggravated assault. The reason why it would be aggravated assault is because his intention in attacking the woman was to commit a serious crime, that of rape, and robbery. Because of the vicious nature of aggravated assault, punishment for it is harsh. Individuals who are guilty of aggravated assault could find themselves facing hefty fines, and prison time. For this reason any River Vale New Jersey resident who has been charged with aggravated assault should immediately seek the assistance of a River Vale New Jersey aggravated assault attorney.

About River Vale New Jersey

Located in the North Eastern part of New Jersey, River Vale is a Township that is part of Bergen County New Jersey. With its population of approximately 9600 individuals this Township is a medium-sized Township in Bergen County. This community was voted as the 29th best place to live in the year 2007. River Vale was formed on April 30, 1906. This Township sits on approximately 4.2 miles. ² of land. 6% of this land is water.

Unlike many of the towns in Bergen County, River Vale is governed by a Mayor-Council system of government. Basically this means that both the Mayor and the Council work together as two separate but equal centers of power. Both the Mayor and the Council are elected by the residents in the state. The Township Council is made up of five individuals each is elected to a four-year term.

While cases of marijuana possession, shoplifting, resisting arrest, and eluding arrest are rare in this Township, when they do happen individuals who are charged with these crimes are encouraged to seek good legal counsel by speaking to River Vale criminal defense attorneys.

Municipal Court River Vale New Jersey

River Vale Municipal Court is located at 406 River Vale Rd., River Vale, NJ 07675. Court hours are the first and third Tuesday at 3:30 PM. Individuals who need to speak with the violations Bureau are invited to do that weekdays between 9 AM and 4:30 PM. The Hon. Richard Greenhalgh is the presiding judge, and Vincent L. Galasso is the city prosecutor. The majority of the cases heard in this court revolve around traffic offenses. These include driving while suspended and driving while under the influence. Any resident that is accused of a DWI should seek the legal counsel of a River Vale DWI attorney.

Do Not Delay in Seeking Legal Counsel

At times people who are arrested on a cocaine related charge feel that they should wait to seek legal counsel until they know exactly what crime they are going to be charged with. This is a counterproductive decision. Really, the very first call you should make when you are arrested should be to River Vale New Jersey Cocaine Distribution Lawyers. These lawyers will help you with everything from the arraignment all the way down to trial.