Oradell New Jersey Marijuana Possession Lawyers

Often times when people hear the term resisting arrest they think about an individual who is physically resisting a police officer. However, an individual can be charged with resisting arrest even if they do not use physical force to prevent it police officer from arresting them. For example, an individual can be charged with resisting arrest if they walk away, or run away from a police officer who was trying to arrest them.

A person can also be charged with this crime if they are told by a police officer to vacate a certain area, and they refused to comply with that order, or if they refused to comply fast enough. In some cases a person might also be charged with resisting arrest if they do not allow a police officer to enter into their home. Resisting arrest is a serious crime that often carries with it jail time, or hefty fines. An individual who is charged with resisting arrest would want to seek the legal counsel of a Oradell, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney.

About the Town of Oradell New Jersey

With its 7,978 residents, Oradell is a borough that is located in the center of Bergen County New Jersey. This borough was formed on 8 March 1894 and is ranked 68th in the list of places to live in New Jersey. Oradell sits on 2.5 mi.² of land. This borough is governed under the borough form of government in New Jersey. This means that the government has a Mayor, and a six member Borough Council.

Included in the diversions that are available for residents of this town is the Boy Scouts of America organization. There is also a Cub Scout organization in this borough. Famous residents of this borough include Vince Lombardi, Bill Madden, and Matt Silverstein. Any resident of this borough that finds themselves accused of a crime such as receiving stolen property, disorderly conduct, or simple assault is encouraged to take the time to talk to a criminal defense lawyer in Oradell, New Jersey. They will be able to provide quality legal advice.

Oradell NJ Municipal Court

The Oradell Municipal Court building is located at 355 Kinderkamack Road Oradell, NJ 07649. Court hours are the first and third Thursday of the month at 5 PM. The Hon. Joseph P. Castiglia, P.J.M.C is the presiding judge and Christopher Martin is the city prosecutor. Since the vast majority of the court cases heard in this courthouse pertained to traffic offenses like driving while suspended, and DWI charges , Oradell residents having their cases heard in this court are encouraged to consult with a Oradell DWI Lawyer prior to appearing in court.

Make the Smart Choice and Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Quite often people feel that they are qualified to defend themselves in court. They ask themselves why would I need a theft by deception lawyer or a Marijuana possession lawyer? They may think, I’m smart enough . I can defend myself. However, something that individuals who think this way do not understand is that being able to defend yourself in criminal court has nothing to do with intelligence.

There are so many laws, and so many statutes associated with every crime that it is difficult for an individual who is not a trained lawyer to know them all, and to understand how to apply them. Also, it is unlikely that a prosecutor will be willing to make a deal or bargain with an individual who is defending themselves. For this reason people who are charged with criminal offenses are encouraged to do the smart thing and speak to a Oradell criminal defense attorney.