Oakland New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

One of the most difficult parts of being accused of a crime is trying to find an individual who will defend you in the court of law. Having the right lawyer is like having a good pair of running shoes. If the running shoes that you purchase do not fit you well, your run is going to seem like it is a lot longer and a lot harder than it really is. However, if your running shoes fit you right, the run is not going to be quite as difficult. The same principle applies to hiring the right criminal defense attorney to defend you. If you find a lawyer that is a good fit for you, the entire defense process will be smoother.

When it comes to finding a criminal defense lawyer it is essential to find one who is going to focus on the area expertise that you might need. For example, an individual who lives in Oakland Park, New Jersey and who has been accused of DWI will need the services of a DWI attorney in Oakland Park. The expertise that they are going to have when it comes to dealing with DWI charges is going to be advantageous to you throughout the entire process. The same principles apply when it comes to looking for a cocaine possession lawyer, or a marijuana distribution lawyer.

About Oakland New Jersey

As of 2010, this borough had a population of more than 12,700 people. This borough was founded on 8 April 1902. It was made from parts of Franklin Township. This borough has the distinction of being one of the places that George Washington and his army stopped in the year 1777. This borough also served as a vacation spot of families who lived in New York City. They would visit Oakland, New Jersey during the summertime as a way to escape the summer heat. Many of the streets in this borough are named after Native American tribes.

Oakland, New Jersey was made infamous in 1985 thanks to a shootout that took place at what was then known as Muller’s Park. After the shootings, many people quit coming to Oakland for their summer getaways. Residents of this borough who find themselves involved in things like eluding arrest, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, or simple assault can seek the legal services provided by a criminal defense attorney that services this area.

Oakland New Jersey Municipal Court

The Oakland New Jersey Municipal Court building is located on 10 Lawlor Drive Oakland, NJ 07436. Court hours are Thursday at 9 AM through 2 PM. The Hon. John A. Conte, Jr., P.J.M.C. is the court prosecutor. This Municipal Court services one of the largest boroughs in Bergen County. Cases that are seen at this court include disorderly conduct complaints, and traffic and DWI charges.

Whether there facing robbery charges, or carjacking charges residents of this borough are invited to seek the expert help of a Oakland, New Jersey criminal defense lawyer that specializes in the specific crime that they are accused of committing. The experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall will take the time to thoroughly understand your case and guarantee that the defense would provide is the best one available for the type of crime you are accused of.