Norwood, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

People have different opinions when it comes to how they want their private land to be treated. Some individuals absolutely do not care if other people walk across their land. However, others do not want anyone to walk on their land if they do not have permission to do so. The reason why some individuals are concerned about trespassing are varied. For the vast majority of them it is just that they enjoy their privacy. Other individuals are concerned that people will come on their land and commit criminal mischief, engage in disorderly conduct, and steal their property. Others, simply want to avoid the liability that could come if an individual was hurt on their land accidentally. Regardless of the reason why people do not want others on their land, signs that say no trespassing must be respected. A Norwood New Jersey, resident who is charged with trespassing or criminal mischief is going to want the help of a Norwood trespassing criminal defense attorney.

About the city of Norwood New Jersey

Norwood New Jersey is a borough that is in the eastern part of Bergen County New Jersey. As of 2010 this borough had a declining population of about 5700 individuals. This was down from the 5750 residents that were recorded in the 2000 census. Norwood New Jersey was formed on 14 March 1905. Its name comes from an old description North-Woods. Norwood New Jersey sits on about 2.7 mi.² of land and is approximately 2 miles away from the New York State line. Norwood New Jersey has a strong Korean influence with more than 12% of Norwood’s residents identifying themselves as Korean. The government of Norwood New Jersey is similar to the government and other boroughs in New Jersey. The government consists of a Mayor, and a six member city Council. All of these individuals are elected by the populace. Residents of Norwood New Jersey who find themselves needing legal counsel are invited to speak with a Norwood marijuana possession lawyer, or a Norwood driving while intoxicated lawyer.

Municipal Court Norwood, New Jersey

The Municipal Court building for Norwood New Jersey, is located at 455 Broadway Norwood, NJ 07648. Court hours are the first and third Wednesday of the month at 4 PM. The Hon. Robert Travers JMC is the presiding judge, Laura Nunnink, Esq serves as the city prosecutor. The vast majority of the cases that are heard in this courthouse revolve around traffic violations such as driving while intoxicated and reckless driving. On rare occasions cases of simple assault are also heard in this courtroom.

The Benefit of Hiring a Good Lawyer

At times individuals who know that they are guilty of the crime that they are being charged with might be reluctant to hire a criminal defense attorney. They might think that since they are guilty, and since there is ample evidence to prove their guilt, hiring a criminal defense attorney is a waste of money. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A criminal defense attorney will work with you to see to it that you are charged with the lightest sentence possible. There might even be times where a criminal defense attorney is going to be able to get your case dismissed entirely because of some law pertaining to the case that you might not be aware of. For this reason residents of Norwood New Jersey are encouraged to seek the legal counsel of Norwood New Jersey criminal defense attorneys.