Midland Park New Jersey Trespassing Attorneys

Picture the following scenario. You and a group of your friends decide that you are going to go to the Midland Park Shopping Center, or to a restaurant in Midland Park New Jersey. Even though neither you nor your friends own the mall that you were visiting, you are free to enter into the mall without being considered trespassers. It is a privately owned building, where the public is normally allowed to enter without restriction. However, imagine that while you are in the mall you or your friends do something that violates mall policies. A security guard, or another individual, who serves as an agent of the owners of the mall, come up to you and tell you to leave the mall immediately. From that moment on, you are trespassing. Now, you cannot be arrested while you are in the process of leaving the mall, because you are complying with your change in status. However if you refuse to leave the mall, or if you reenter the mall after having been banned from entering it, you might find yourself facing trespassing charges, and you may need the assistance of a Midland Park, New Jersey trespassing attorney.

About the town of Midland Park New Jersey

Midland New Jersey, is a borough that is in the northwestern part of Bergen County New Jersey. The census in 2012 puts the population of the borough at around 7120 individuals. This borough was incorporated on 6 September 1894. Midland New Jersey is governed under the borough form of New Jersey government. This means that the borough has one mayor, and six city Council members.

Midland Park New Jersey is home to many diversions for its residents. Included in this is the Midland Park Mall. Individuals who are captured shoplifting at this mall, or in any of the other retail locations in Midland New Jersey would find themselves needing a shoplifting lawyer.

Midland Park New Jersey Municipal Court

Midland Park New Jersey Municipal Court building is located at 280 Goodwin Ave., Midland Park, NJ 07432. Court hours are every second and fourth Tuesday at 4 PM. The Hon. Judge Charles F Ryan presides over the court. The majority of individuals who appear in this court are accused of things like resisting arrest, stalking, simple assault, disorderly conduct, or traffic violations such as driving while suspended. Individuals who appear before this court because of DWI charges, can assure the best outcome in court by soliciting the services of a Midland DWI lawyer.

The Peace of Mind That Comes from Using a Midland Park Criminal Defense Attorney

There is a certain sense of uncertainty that comes with knowing that you are facing criminal charges. You realize that there is very little that you can do personally to change the outcome of a court case. The best chance that you have for a good outcome in your case is contracting the services of an experienced Midland Park criminal defense attorney. It is best to try to find an attorney that has experience in dealing with cases like yours. So for example if you are facing marijuana possession charges it is wise to seek an attorney who has experience winning cases like these. Having a well-qualified criminal defense attorney on your side will give you a a sense of peace of mind.