DWI Lawyers in Lodi NJ

There are many reasons why young individuals choose to smoke marijuana. High on list of reasons why they choose to engage in the practice, is peer pressure from friends. Another motivating factor that encourages young people to use marijuana, is how it is portrayed on television, in movies, and in popular songs. Young people have a distorted view of marijuana use. Many times, popular entertainment that glorifies marijuana use fails to focus on the negative consequences that come from using this illegal drug. In places like Lodi, New Jersey individuals who choose to use marijuana could face very serious criminal penalties. As a result of this, they may need the services of Lodi New Jersey criminal defense lawyers. Furthermore, individuals who smoke marijuana could also be charged with a DWI if the decide to drive their car after smoking, therefore, they may also need the assistance of a Lodi NJ dwi lawyer.

The Dangers Faced by Lodi, New Jersey Citizens from Illegal Marijuana Use

The list of negative side effects that come from the illegal use of marijuana is extremely long. Included in this list are things like: impaired memory, difficulties thinking and solving problems, panic attacks, and feelings of paranoia, impaired judgment and problems with muscle control, and increased heart rate.

Studies have shown that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, when used over long periods of time can permanently, and adversely affects the human brain and mental health. Individuals who persist in marijuana use are shown to have the same respiratory ailments as an individual who smokes tobacco cigarettes. For this reason, many laws have been made in places like New Jersey to ban the legal use of marijuana. Any individual who is caught with marijuana in their possession will need to seek legal representation from Lodi marijuana possession lawyers.

About the Town of Lodi, New Jersey

Lodi, New Jersey is a part of Bergen County New Jersey. According to a recent census, this borough has a population of just under 25,000 individuals. The city was first incorporated on 22 December 1894. This borough covers a total area of just under 3 mi.². This borough, is extremely diverse with a nice mixture of both Caucasian, African-American, Native American, Asian, and Hispanic residents. This borough operates under the 1923 municipal manager law. According to this form of government, five members are elected to city Council, and serve for four years. They then select the mayor from among their members. This borough is the home of many famous individuals. The Lodi, New Jersey, criminal defense lawyers in the area aggressively defend all of its residents. Their goal is to see to it all receive a fair hearing in the court of law.

Lodi New Jersey Municipal Court

The Municipal Court building is located on one Memorial Dr., Lodi, NJ. The court building, also serves as the home for the police headquarters, and other public works departments. Court hours are every other Thursday at 2 PM and 5 PM. The Hon. Tracie Nunno-D’Amico is the presiding judge. The city prosecutor is it’s on Frank D. Samperi, Esq. Individuals who are facing criminal prosecution in this borough, can receive a strong defense from Lodi New Jersey criminal defense lawyers.

DWI Lawyers in Lodi New Jersey

Many individuals have taken for granted the fact that when they walk into a court of law they are going to be fairly represented. Some have decided to rely on the defense attorneys that are provided by the state only to find themselves disillusioned and facing serious criminal punishment. Regardless of the crime that you are being charged with, be it disorderly conduct, stalking, making terroristic threats, or even DWI it is always going to be in your best interest to speak to professional Lodi, New Jersey criminal defense lawyers. Many of these lawyers specialize as Prescription drug lawyers, and DWI lawyers in Lodi NJ. They understand, and have a relationship the local legal community, and because of this they are able to provide you with the best possible defense.