Little Ferry New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Sadly, here in New Jersey many individuals find themselves working in a hostile work environment. They may face intimidation and bullying from both employers and fellow employees. These actions may have escalated to the point where legally they are forms of harassment. Others find themselves of the victims of sexual harassment at work. When the harassment reaches a point where the victim can no longer handle it, they often decide to seek help and avail themselves of the protections are provided by law against harassment.

The individuals who are eventually charged with harassment and who live in the borough of Little Ferry, New Jersey are going to need help from a harassment lawyer. Depending on when and how the harassment took place, these individuals might also be guilty of simple assault, disorderly conduct, terroristic threats, final restraining order and trespassing. A Little Ferry harassment lawyer is going to understand what steps need to be taken in order to protect their client from these harassment charges.

About Little Ferry New Jersey

Little Ferry, with its population of approximately 10,600 individuals, is a borough in New Jersey that has seen a reduction in its population. A comparison between the census of 2010 and the census of 2000 shows a steady decrease in the population amounting to about 1.6%.

Little Ferry was founded on 18 September 1894. Starting in the mid-1600s, and continuing down to early 1800 Little ferry served as an essential point of crossing between Bergen towns and Hackensack. Little Ferry has a government that consists of a man, and six Council members. The Council members are elected at large. The mayor is elected directly by the voters. He serves a four-year term.

Municipal Court in Little Fairy New Jersey

Court is located on 215 Liberty St., Little ferry, NJ 07643. Court hours are alternate Thursdays. The Hon. Giuseppe C. Randazzo, P.J.M.C. presides over the court, and the city prosecutor is Michael A. Purvin, Esq. Individuals who are charged with marijuana possession or marijuana distribution will be defended in this court by a Little Ferry, Marijuana distribution lawyer.

Hiring a Little Ferry New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

The founding fathers of the United States understood that regardless of the crime that an individual is accused of they should receive a fair defense. Just because the government feels that individual is guilty of a crime does not mean that this individual should necessarily be imprisoned. For this reason, if an individual is accused of anything from driving without a license, all the way up to shoplifting or resisting arrest the burden rests on the government to prove that they are guilty before imprisoning them.

The responsibilities for defending individuals who are accused of crimes fall upon a criminal defense lawyer. His job is to force the prosecution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. His job is to create reasonable doubt as to whether or not his client is guilty and attempts to influence the judge and jury in such a way so that his client is able to walk away free. Anyone who is looking for a fair trial in Little Ferry, New Jersey needs to have a good criminal defense attorney on their side. Here at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall our attorneys pride ourselves on making sure our clients rights are fully protected. If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal or traffic offense in Little Ferry, we can help.