Leonia New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Marijuana is without a doubt one of the drugs that is most commonly used in the borough of Leonia, New Jersey. This can be clearly seen when you look at the number of individuals who are arrested every single day for marijuana use and marijuana possession. Billions of dollars of marijuana are thought to have been grown and sold in the United States every year. Without a doubt a large part of that is sold here in New Jersey. If you or your loved ones find themselves facing a charge of marijuana possession, or marijuana distribution using the services of a marijuana distribution lawyer will help you have a better outcome in your case.Marijuana is not the only illegal drug that people use here in New Jersey. It is not uncommon for people to be brought up on cocaine possession or prescription drug possession charges. Usually, in an attempt to earn the money that they need for their drugs these individuals involved in things like shoplifting and theft.

Another drug that is commonly used in connection with illegal activity is alcohol. Drinking alcohol in and of itself is not in illegal activity as long as you’re above the age of 21. However, when an individual chooses to drive while they are intoxicated this is a different story. An individual who is charged with a DWI in the borough of Leonia, New Jersey is advised to seek the counsel of a Leonia, New Jersey DWI lawyer.

About the Town of Leonia New Jersey

The town of Leonia, New Jersey is home to more almost 9000 individuals who come from a diverse background, and to speak various languages. This town was formed in 1894, and is situated to the Western entrance to the George Washington Bridge. According to a poll taken in 2008, Leonia New Jersey ranks 31st as one of the best places to live in New Jersey. This borough is one of the oldest communities in the country. In the late 1600s it was settled by the English and the Dutch. Leonia, New Jersey has been home to a string of famous individuals. Included in this list of people are Sammy Davis Junior, Robin Cook, Pat Boone and Phil Jackson just to mention a few of the scores of famous individuals who are either born in or lived in Leonia. Because of its location Leonia is accessible by many highways and streets. Individuals driving through Leonia, and who are pulled over for driving while intoxicated are going to want to speak to a Leonia DWI lawyer.

Leonia New Jersey Municipal Court

Leonia New Jersey Municipal Court is located at 305 Beachwood Pl., Leonia, NJ 07605.Court hours are the second and fourth Tuesday. Court is held at 6:30 PM. The Hon. Judge R. DeSheplo, P.J.M.C. presides over the court, and Mark P. Fierro is the Municipal Court prosecutor. While dealing with a wide variety of cases, this court primarily deals with traffic tickets, disorderly persons complaints, and DWIs every week.