Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey, is a bustling borough that is home to more than 11,000 people. Throughout its history many famous individuals, including legendary singer Frank Sinatra, called this place home. Being only 10 miles from midtown Manhattan and 8 miles from upper Manhattan, this borough has the distinction of being one of the suburbs of New York City. Hasbrouck Heights was formed on August 2,1894. This borough is governed by a city council with six members, and a Mayor. Hasbrouck Heights residents, have the option of using either public transportation or their own vehicles to get to and from work. Public transportation is provided by New Jersey transit. Individuals who choose to use their own vehicles can access this town via Route 17 and US Route 46.

Similar to many other boroughs in New Jersey, and in New York, Hasbrouck Heights has its share of problems. Citizens of this borough find themselves in trouble with the law because of traffic violations. These include things like reckless driving, driving while suspended, and DWIs. Many of these charges carry with them hefty fines and can also require persons accused of these charges to spend time in state jail or in federal prison. For this reason an individual who lives in this borough and who needs legal assistance would do well to contact a Hasbrouck Heights DWI attorney.

Municipal Court in Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey

The Hasbrouck Heights Municipal Court is presided by the Hon. Joseph Jones, P.J.M.C. The court prosecutor is Rosario Presti, Esq. In addition to a handful of disorderly conduct or disorderly person cases this court hears approximately 15 cases connected to traffic violations and DWIs every single week. A DWI attorney in Hasbrouck Heights is going to be the best qualified individual to defend a person in this court of law. This is in part because of their familiarity with the court and the court system. The court is located at 248 Hamilton Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604. Court hours are Wednesdays at 1 PM. Individuals charged with shoplifting, simple assault, or trespassing could find themselves before a judge in this court.

Why Might I Need a Hasbrouck Heights DWI Attorney?

Facing DWI charges is a very overwhelming thing. An individual facing these charges could be looking at spending months of their life in prison, in addition to thousands of dollars in fines. Having one of our DWI attorneys at your side will be a comfort for you. Our lawyers understand what your rights are. They will make sure that you understand them as well. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have experience in local courts. Because of this they understand all of the rules and procedures connected to arguing your case. Our lawyers are trained to do things in an efficient way. Many times, they will be able to save you money and prevent additional legal problems before they arise. Therefore, if you find yourself arrested and charged with a crime ranging from Marijuana possession and aggravated assault all the way to resisting arrest call us. Our lawyers will make a big difference.