Hackensack New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal activity such as robbery, aggravated assault, and unlawful possession of a weapon has been a plague on many municipalities across New Jersey. Law enforcement agents have engaged in aggressive campaigns to eliminate this type of criminal activity from their cities. As a result thousands of individuals have been arrested and sent to Hackensack, New Jersey to deal with their pending charges. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall takes an aggressive approach when it comes to defending individuals charged with both felony and misdemeanors in Hackensack.

Municipal Courts in Hackensack New Jersey

The Municipal Court in Hackensack New Jersey is located on State Street, and has as its primary purpose processing criminal complaints, and traffic complaints that are issued within the jurisdiction of the city. Residents of Hackensack New Jersey who have concerns regarding a court date, or an adjournment, are invited to direct their request to the Municipal Court office staff directly by calling area code 201-646-3971. The court is staffed with 10 full-time employees who will help with these concerns.

Hackensack NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

One of the many problems that Hackensack NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers deal with is cocaine distribution. In harmony with the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, cocaine is a Schedule II substance. Because of the addictive nature of this drug, and because of its notoriety, federal and state prosecutors are eager to take advantage of every opportunity to show that they are incarcerating individuals who are involved in the distribution of cocaine. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have extensive  experience in defending individuals charged with possession cocaine with the intent to distribute it. We also specialize in helping individuals charged with cocaine possession, heroin possession, or heroin distribution minimize the negative effects associated with prosecution for cocaine possession.

The Benefits of Using a Hackensack NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our office has a long history of providing assistance to individuals who are facing a wide range of criminal charges including things like heroin possession, heroin distribution, eluding burglary, along with many other drug related and non-drug related crimes. We take an aggressive three-pronged approach when it comes to representing our clients. First we will thoroughly investigate all of the details associated with the case. Next we will aggressively interview any witnesses associated with the case. Then we will negotiate with the prosecuting attorney in an attempt to get the charges against their clients dismissed or if this is not possible reduced and/or set the case down for trial.  Having experienced Hackensack Cocaine Distribution Lawyers on your side is a guarantee that there is someone fighting to uphold your constitutional rights every step of the way.