Fort Lee New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

The law enforcement officials of the city of Fort Lee New Jersey are diligent public servants who have as their main goal maintaining the peace and security of their town. They do this by diligently enforcing the laws of the city, and the state. As a result of their actions every single year many people are arrested and accused of committing a wide range of crimes. When this happens these individuals find themselves in need of a local criminal defense lawyer to represent their interests.

About Fort Lee New Jersey’s Municipal Court

fort lee mvThe following is general Information pertaining to the Fort Lee Municipal Court. The Fort Lee Municipal Court building is located at 309 Main St. room G – 01 Fort Lee, NJ 07024. Court is held on the first floor in room 106 of the council chambers. Court is held Monday through Friday 8:30 AM through 4 PM. The Hon. John R. DeSheplo, is the presiding judge who will oversee matters dealing with criminal and DWI cases, and the Hon. Matthew Fierro, is the judge that will oversee cases connected to traffic offenses. Arthur Balsamo and Raffi Khorozian serve as prosecutors dealing with criminal/DWI cases, and traffic offenses respectively. Kevin Corriston serves as the public defender. Regardless of the case that you have Fort Lee, New Jersey criminal defense lawyers will be able to assist you in your defense.

Fort Lee NJ Driving While Intoxicated Lawyers

Every year in the United States tens of thousands of individuals die and hundreds of thousands of individuals are injured, as a result of people driving while intoxicated. In response to this citizen groups and nonprofit organizations, like Mothers against Drunk Driving have developed to encourage law enforcement agencies and lawmakers to be more stringent when it comes to the laws that are associated with DWI’s. Therefore, it is imperative that you speak to an experienced DUI lawyer about your options. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has been defending individuals charged with driving while intoxicated in Fort Lee for over fifteen years. We have been able to come up with a valid defenses for individuals accused of driving while intoxicated whether they are caught coming off of the George Washington Bridge, driving through Main Street, or who simply commit a minor traffic violation on Palisades Avenue. We have also defended individuals charged with other traffic offenses like speeding, reckless driving, and Driving while suspended in Fort Lee.

Drug and Weapons Related Offenses in Fort Lee New Jersey

In addition to providing a defense for individuals who have been charged with DWI in Fort Lee, New Jersey The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall also has extensive experience when it comes to dealing with weapon related charges such as unlawful possession of a handgun, knives or brass knuckles.  We also represent individuals charged with some more serious offense like aggravated assault, eluding, burglary, robbery, distributing marijuana, cocaine or heroin.