Emerson, New Jersey DWI Lawyers

There are many individuals who are victims of domestic violence. For these individuals, the situation that they face at home is both frightening and confusing. Individuals who experience this type of violence, may wonder how it is that a family member who supposedly cares for and loves them so much is able to commit such a heinous act of violence against them. Aside from the emotional and physical damage that is done by domestic violence, there are also the legal aspects of the crime. Individuals, who engage in domestic violence, may need the services of an aggravated assault lawyer, or depending on the nature of the crime, a lawyer that is familiar with defending against unlawful possession of a weapon charges. In Emerson, New Jersey, there are lawyers who have experience in these types of cases and who are eager to help you if you find yourself in one of these situations.

About Emerson, New Jersey

Home to the Cedar Park Cemetery, Emerson, New Jersey is a medium-sized borough in New Jersey. According to a 2010 census, this borough has a population of approximately 7400 residents. The area that, as of 1909 has been referred to as Emerson, New Jersey, was first founded in 1903 as the borough of Etna. Boasting a large Native American population, Emerson, New Jersey is a racially and socially diverse borough that sits on approximately 2.3 square miles of land. In 2007, Emerson, New Jersey made national news because of a bomb threat that was made on the school systems there. As a result of these bomb threats all three of the schools were immediately evacuated.

Municipal Court of Emerson New Jersey

The Emerson, New Jersey Municipal Court building is located at 146 Linwood Ave., Emerson, NJ 07630. The hours for the court are the second, and the fourth Thursday of every month at 3 PM. There are also special occasions when court is scheduled. The court prosecutor is Marc Ramundo, and the presiding judge is the Hon. Francis. J. Leddy, Jr. Individuals who are facing charges ranging from a DUI, all the way to theft, burglary, robbery, cocaine possession, and driving while suspended may find themselves having their case heard in this court.

Seeking Legal Help in Emerson

Using the services of Emerson, New Jersey DUI lawyers will improve your chances of having a positive outcome in court. Finding a Lawyer That Has Experience Defending Cases Similar to Yours When you are sitting in front of a judge or jury, you are basically looking to these people to make decisions that are going to affect your life. The decisions that the judge and jury are going to make will be based heavily on the information that is produced by your criminal defense lawyer. For this reason, an individual who is charged with a DUI or a DWI, would do better being defended by a Emerson DWI lawyer, then they would by a marijuana distribution lawyer. The DWI lawyer is going to have a better understanding of a lot of the laws associated to this crime. They also are going to have experience interacting with the judges, police officers, experts, and witnesses when it comes to defending this crime. Do not leave your criminal defense to chance. Make sure you find a lawyer that has experience defending cases similar to yours.