Simple Assault Lawyer in Dumont, New Jersey

There is a limerick that children repeat from time to time. It says: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. The idea of this children’s rhyme is that there is only so much damage that words can do, whereas weapons can actually cause physical damage. This is a concept that is reflected in the laws of the United States. An individual cannot be charged with simple assault, simply because they make a threat. The law understands that at times individuals in a heat of rage might say things that they later regret.

However, if that individual in a heat of rage makes a threat while at the same time brandishing a weapon, or raising their fists in anger, this could be considered a form of aggravated assault. The reason why this might be considered assault is because the victim has every reason to believe and be fearful, of the fact that the aggressor is going to carry out his threat and cause him bodily harm. Assault of any form is a serious crime, and can bring with it severe punishment. An individual who is accused of committing simple assault would do well to speak to a simple assault lawyer in Dumont, New Jersey.

About the city of Dumont New Jersey

Visitors to Dumont, New Jersey, will find that this is a city that is full of active people who enjoy outdoor sports. This can be seen by the fact that in the town there are two large parks. Each of these parks has an area set aside for sports like tennis, basketball, and baseball. There are also fields in these parks for soccer, and American football. Dumont, New Jersey, is a larger size borough with a population of more than 17,000 people. This borough was formed on 20 July 1894. It has a landmass of a little more than 5 km². Its government reflects that of many other boroughs in Bergen County having a mayor and a six person city Council. As with any other borough or city of this size, Dumont, New Jersey has its fair share of problems with things like disorderly conduct, shoplifting, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Municipal Court of Dumont New Jersey

The Municipal Court of Dumont, New Jersey is located at 50 Washington Ave., Dumont, NJ 07628. Court hours are normally held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The court begins at 5:30, PM. Individuals who need assistance with bail violations are encouraged to visit Monday through Friday 9 AM through 4:30 PM. Regardless of whether you are charged with driving while suspended, stalking, or eluding, it is in your best interest to seek the legal counsel of a criminal defense attorney in Dumont, New Jersey who can help you defend your case in this Municipal Court.

Seeking Legal Help in Dumont

Appearing in Court Can Seem Overwhelming Appearing in the court of law is an intimidating thing. Usually courthouses themselves are designed to appear intimidating. For this reason it is a good idea to have the support of a Dumont New Jersey Marijuana Distribution Lawyer or Cocaine Lawyer as you are presenting your case. These attorneys have experience dealing with local judges and prosecutors. Far from being starstruck or overwhelmed by the experience, these attorneys feel right at home in any court of law and will vigorously defend your case.