Demarest New Jersey Prescription Drug Lawyers

Is a very clear and established fact that the use of recreational drugs such as marijuana and cocaine is illegal. In fact, the majority of people understand that even having drug paraphernalia used in connection with these recreational drugs is illegal. When people engage in these activities, they do so realizing that their conduct could result in criminal charges, fines, and jail time. However, many individuals have the erroneous idea that using prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you is not illegal. Some feel that they can get prescription drugs from a friend’s medicine cabinet, or in the case of teens, from their parents medicine cabinet and nothing will happen. The reality is that both state laws and federal law consider sharing prescription drugs to be illegal. In the same way that an individual who is arrested for marijuana possession, or cocaine possession would need a marijuana possession or a cocaine possession lawyer, so to individuals who live in the town of Demarest, New Jersey who is involved in the illegal use of prescription drugs will need the help of Demarest prescription drug lawyers.

About the town of Demarest, New Jersey

Demarest, New Jersey, is a small borough in Bergen County that is located in the North Eastern side of the state. According to census records from 2010, the population of this borough is approximately 4880 individuals. Demarest, like many other boroughs in New Jersey, was formed by act of legislature. This took place on 8 April 1903. This borough receives its name from a train station with the same name. This train station in turn received its name from Ralph S. Demarest, a prominent member of the Northern Railroad. Demarest, New Jersey, has a system of government that mirrors many of the system of government you will find in Bergen County, New Jersey. There is a City Council of six individuals, and there is a mayor. All of these positions are elected at large.

Demarest New Jersey Municipal Court

The Demarest, New Jersey Municipal Court building can be found at 118 Serpentine Rd., Demarest, NJ 07627. Court hours are every second Tuesday at 5 PM. The court is presided by the Hon. Brian K Bernstein. The city prosecutor is Scott Mooney. The vast majority of cases that are heard in this court revolve around things like disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, trespassing, and DWI offenses.

Choosing a Lawyer, Who Will Fight for You

An individual who is facing charges for the misuse of prescription drugs is facing a potentially serious charge. If they lose in court, they face paying hefty fines and depending on various factors they might even be facing jail time. For this reason, it is essential that you find a drug lawyer who is going to fight for you with everything that they have. A Demarest, New Jersey prescription drug lawyer is that type of lawyer. He or she will fight vigorously for you, and will do all they can to see to it that your day in court has the best possible outcome.