Cresskill, New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

For an individual to be accused of assault or simple assault, they do not necessarily have to physically attack another individual. Many times all that is necessary for an individual to be charged with simple assault is for them to make a threat and give clear indication that they intend to follow up on that threat. In making this threat, the aggressor is putting his victim in fear of physical harm. The law recognizes the fact that even putting the fear of bodily harm into another individual is an act that merits some type of punishment. In many cases though, the law does stipulate between a threat that is made in the heat of the moment, where the aggressor has no intention of following up on the threat, and a threat that is made by an individual who has every intention of causing his victim bodily harm if given the opportunity to do so. Assault in any form is a serious crime that brings with it severe consequences. An individual that finds themselves accused of simple assault would want to seek the legal counsel of Cresskill criminal defense lawyers.

About Cresskill, New Jersey

Formed in May 1894, Cresskill is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey. According to the census of 2010, this borough had a population of 8000+ individuals. The name of the town came from the watercress that live in the streams in the area. These streams were often referred to as kills. With its easy access to New York City, via trains, Cresskill has played an important role in the United States history. A monument, that is often referred to as the monument, was dedicated in the 1924 to commemorate the more than 1 million American troops that used Cresskill as a debarkation point during World War I.

Cresskill has been the home to many famous individuals. Included in these individuals is singer Mary Jane Blige, the catcher for the New York Mets, Mike Piazza, and Gary Wright, the songwriter whose sang the song Dream Weaver. Like any other town of its size, Cresskill residents must deal with its fair share of individuals who become involved in things like driving while suspended, harassment, shoplifting, and the abuse of prescription drugs. When residents of this borough find themselves in trouble with the law for the above-mentioned crimes, they do well to seek the legal advice of Cresskill, New Jersey criminal defense attorneys.

Cresskill New Jersey Municipal Court

Cresskill, New Jersey Municipal Court is located at 67 Union Ave., Cresskill, NJ 07626. Court is held every first and third Thursday at 5 PM. The Hon. Judge Alan M. Bell presides over the court and Gina A. Calogero is the court prosecutor.

Why Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Is in Your Best Interest

The vast majority of us have very little knowledge when it comes to law. The truth of the matter is, the majority of the information that we have about the law come from fictional things like television and movies. Armed only with this information, we would be no match for a prosecutor in the court of law. An individual charged with a crime like marijuana possession is going to have a better outcome in the court of law if he has Marijuana Possession Attorneys, a Marijuana Lawyer, or a Marijuana distribution lawyer at his side. This fact holds true for any crime that you are accused of. The outcome you have in court will be better if you are defended by an experienced lawyer than it will be if you try to go at it alone.