Central Municipal Court of Bergen County NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

Central Municipal Court of Bergen County, located at 10 Main St., Hackensack, NJ, receives 25 disorderly person complaints as well as more than 300 traffic and DWI charges every single week. Because of this relatively high activity, the Judges, Hon. Donna Baboulis, Hon. Jay Y. Kim and Hon. Louis J. Dinice, are well experienced when it comes to dealing with criminal charges. Also the Municipal Court prosecutors Michael Kingman, Andrew Cimiluca and Adriana Wos-Mysliwiec have experience when it comes to prosecuting individuals who are accused of committing a crime. For this reason it is essential that anyone presenting themselves before the court in this town have the best legal defense possible. Preferably they would be defended by a well respected Central Municipal Court, New Jersey criminal defense lawyer, who has experience dealing with these Judges and prosecutors.

Cases Heard at the Central Municipal Court of Bergen County

The wide range of cases that are presented at the Bergen County Municipal Court include things like Driving while suspended, theft, marijuana possession, speeding and simple assault. Central Municipal Court, New Jersey criminal defense lawyers are going to be well versed in dealing with all of these types of criminal activities. Even when dealing with something that is, as relatively, minor as a suspended license, a good lawyer is going to have to diligently fight to defend their clients rights. A person, who has a suspended license, might think that if they live by the George Washington Memorial Park, that it is not that big of a deal for them to get in their automobile and drive a few minutes over to Chadwick Place, to meet there friends to play tennis at the Glen Rock Area Tennis Courts. However if they are pulled over by a police officer, they soon realized that this is a serious crime.

Being charged with a DWS is an offense that could be categorized as either a traffic offense or as a felony depending on the circumstances surrounding the suspension of the license. Depending on how this charge is handled, an individual could face jail time and thousands of dollars in fines, or even a prison sentence. An individual who is charged with a DWS may experience difficulties in the future when they want to regain their legal driving privileges.

Another situation that Central Municipal Court, New Jersey criminal defense lawyers may have to defend their clients against is a charge of aggravated assault. As opposed to simple assault, that may be nothing more than a threat leveled against another person while holding up your fist, aggravated assault usually involves physical contact, and or threatening an individual with a deadly weapon. A person could also be charged with this crime based on who it is that they assault. For example, if an individual assaults, or threatens a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or a pregnant woman they may be charged with this serious crime, and need the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Experienced Central Municipal Court Criminal Defense Lawyers

United States law is very clear, any individual who is accused of a crime, be it something relatively simple as a traffic offense, or something more serious as Heroin Possession, has the right to have their case heard by a Judge, and to have a lawyer represent them. So, whether your case requires you to use the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, or not it is always going to be in your best interest to contact an attorney who has extensive experience dealing with the Central Municipal Court.