Carlstadt New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

If asked to think about crimes that are punishable by death, many would focus on violent crimes such as murder or rape. They might even think of crimes against the State such as treason. However, very few people realize that in many countries around the world marijuana use can result in the accused receiving a death sentence. Included in the list of countries that frequently use the death sentence in connection with marijuana use are countries like Thailand, Singapore, and The People’s Republic of China.

Surprising to many is the fact that even the United States law allows for the death penalty for individuals who possess in excess of 60,000 kg of drugs. This law has never been enforced, thanks in part to the rulings found in cases like Coker v. Georgia and Kennedy v. Louisiana. While the sentences for possessing marijuana in the United States are not as harsh as those that exists in some countries, the need still exists for an individual charged with marijuana possession to seek the help of Carlstadt marijuana possession lawyers.

About the City of Carlstadt, New Jersey

Carlstadt, New Jersey is a borough that was originally formed on the 12th of March 1860. It derives its name from Dr. Carl Klein, a settlor of German descent who took the lead in establishing this Township. According to the United States Census of 2010 there are approximately 6100 individuals living in this borough. Carlstadt is governed by a Mayor and a city council of six members. As with any city, Carlstadt has his problems with crime. Included in the crimes that local law enforcement has to deal with are things like disorderly conduct, driving while intoxicated, stalking, and simple assault. Thankfully the residents of this small Township are able to count on the legal support of Carlstadt, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys.

The Municipal Court of Carlstadt, New Jersey

The Perlstein Municipal Court building is located on 500 Madison St., Carlstadt, NJ. Court hours are held the first Thursday at 1 PM, and the third Thursday at 2 PM of every single month. Hon. George O. Savino, P.J.M.C. is the presiding judge. The court prosecutor is Rosario Presti, Esq. On a weekly basis this court will see multiple disorderly conduct cases, and about a score of new DWI cases.

The Benefits of Hiring a Carlstadt, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney

While not as severe as some of the sentences handed out by other countries around the world, the sentences handed out in the United States in connection with cocaine possession, marijuana possession, marijuana possession with intent, making terroristic threats and driving with a suspended license are still extremely serious. Individuals attempt to face these charges without first seeking legal counsel will more than likely find themselves having a negative outcome in court. Our law firm is full of well-trained, highly qualified criminal defense attorneys who have experience in helping people in your position get the best results in the court of law.