Allendale New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney

Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege that brings with it many serious responsibilities. An individual who operates a motor vehicle is responsible not only for his life, but also for that of the passengers that he has in the vehicle with him. Negligence on the part of a motor vehicle operator could result in serious damage to property, injury, and even loss of life. For this reason, there are multiple state and federal laws that are designed to regulate how and when an individual can operate a motor vehicle. Included in these laws are laws against driving while intoxicated and driving while suspended. Individuals who fail to abide by these laws will find themselves needing the services of an Allendale, New Jersey criminal defense attorney to help them defend against criminal charges.

About Allendale New Jersey

Formed on November 8, 1894 Allendale, New Jersey was made by combining parts from four different boroughs into one borough. This took place during the period that is often referred to as Boroughitis. This borough has a population of around 6,500 residents. It is reported that Babe Ruth would vacation at a hotel in Allendale from time to time. Allandale’s local government functions under the borough form of New Jersey government. This means that Allendale has a Mayor and a city Council with six members. All positions are elected at large. According to 2010 census reports, Allandale residents have median income per household of around $105,000 a year. Visitors to Allendale can experience nature in its undisturbed beauty by visiting the Celery Farm. This is a nature preserve that is home to many small animals, including rodents, foxes and birds. Also, Crestwood Park with its man-made lake, beautiful beaches, and diving boards is a must-see attraction.

Allendale New Jersey Municipal Court

Allendale Municipal Court is located at 500 West Crescent Ave., Allendale, NJ 07401. Court is in session every third Tuesday at 5:30 PM. The Hon. Harry D. Norton is the presiding judge. Richard M. Rosa is the city prosecutor. Individuals who are accused of crimes such as disorderly conduct, stalking, terroristic threats, and the like are encouraged to seek the legal counsel of a criminal defense attorney who practices in Allendale, New Jersey. These attorneys will be able to provide legal advice specifically designed to handle the crime that you are being accused of.

Legal Assistance When You Are In the Fight of Your Life

When an individual is first arrested and accused of a crime, the situation might seem surreal. Because of the emotions that are involved, they might not truly understand the gravity of the situation that they face. For this reason, it is imperative that an individual, who is charged with a crime like marijuana possession with intent, seek the counsel of experienced Marijuana possession lawyers who can help them come out successful in the legal battle that awaits them.

Remember, regardless of if you are being charged with cocaine possession or simple assault the outcome of the court case you have front of you will forever change your life. So then make sure you have an attorney at your side who will be with you every step of the way, and who will do all they can to help you win the fight of your life.